Donnerstag, 7. August 2014

The best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am very sorry for not postin for a long time. We both have been busy even though we are on summer break. We both went away and we are both taking driving lessons now so we are a little occupied with that. But we are getting back on track now and I hope you will enjoy our future posts.

If I may say so, I have a major sweet tooth and can't stay away from cookies, cakes or cupcakes that is one of the reasons why I love to bake. My mother and grandmother are also very into baking so I got to do it from a very young age.
I have made plenty of cookies and cakes and cupcakes and all sorts of stuff so by now I can clearly say that these are the best (and by best I mean the best) chocolate chip cookies I have ever tried and made. And they are quite simple to make so I thought I would share the recipe with all of you.

You will need:
250g dark chocolate
250g brown sugar ( I only used 200g)
120g normal sugar ( I only used 80g because I don't like them to be too sweet.)
150g soft butter
300g flour
2 eggs
3 teaspoons vanilla sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda

optional: ( I left it out because I do not like peanuts)
125g peanuts
1 tablespoon peanutbutter

1. Preheat the oven to 160°C
2. Roughly chop the peanuts and the chocolate.
3.Mix the soft butter and the peanutbutter for 3 minutes until it is very creamy.
4. Stir in the brown and the white sugar.
5. Mix in the eggs.
6. First mix the salt, the baking soda, the flour and the vanilla sugar. Then stir the mixture in.
7. Add the chocolate and the peanut pieces and gently fold them in.
8. Put small ( please don't underestimate the word small. The cookies become massive in the oven) portions on a piece of parchment paper.
9. Put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

If you try these let me know! They are by far the my favourite cookies and I make them whenever I have the possibility to do so.
have a great day!

Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

May Favourites ☼

May has to be my favourite month of the year and that may have to do something with my birthday on the 16th. I went out with a couple of my closest friends but I didn't do anything special this year as I 'just' turned 17. Nevertheless I had a great day and I am very very thankful for everything I got and for the amazing family and friends that I have. Well enough about that. May has been an eventful month for me and I discovered some new products that I fell in love with or rediscovered some old loves of mine.

w7 in the buff natural nudes eye colour palette is my first favourite of the month. My lovely friends gifted it to me on my birthday and I have been using it ever since. There is a lovely selection of nude colours. Shimmery and matte from light to dark. The eyeshadow applies very smooth and buttery and I love the finish that they give. The only thing is that I have to wear it with a primer because otherwise it will smudge but that's all right.
If you want a full review on this with swatches and all that jazz please let me know!

My tanlge teazer is an all time favourite but I have been especially loving it this month because I started to let my hair dry naturally which caused a major tanlge and my normal brushes couldn't tame my hair. The Tanlge Teazer is great for everyone and I couldn't recommend it more.

Next up is a combination of two things. My Hoola Bronzer by Benefit and the Zoeva brush 128. Before buying this brush I always used a fluffy face brush for contouring and as you can imagine it didn't quite work out. More towards the end of this month I finally decided to buy a real countouring brush and went for the Zoeva brush as I am majorly in love with my concealer buffer (142) by Zoeva. Those brushes are beyond soft and blend everthing perfectly.
And because the weather has been great lately I am really into the "bronzed and tanned" look and the Hoola Bronzer is perfect for that because it isn't too orange or looks fake on my fair skin it just looks natural.

My last favourite of the month is the Super Liner Perfect Slim by Loréal. I am a big fan of the slim black liner and this is the best liner for that that I have tried. It is fairly easy to apply and gives a wonderful deep black line that doesn't smudge throughout the day. Even after using it for a month now the tip is still perfectly pointy.

What have you been loving this month and is there anything that I have to try in June? I hope you are having a great day. xx


Recent Reads #1

Wow. Introducing a new series is exciting. This is going to be something I will do maybe once a month or every two months, depending on the amount of books I am reading. Right now I have a lot but I go through phases with that.
So here we go. My first 'Recent Reads'

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is the last book I finished and I am in love. When you start the book you have no clue how it ends and even close to the end you are suprised by how it actually ends.
Normally I'm not a crime lover but this was really really good and I couldn't put it down while I read it.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is not something for everyone but I personally loved it. It's a fantasy book and a little abstract like fantasy is. The plot is capturing and the storyline is really good. I am not sure if there is a second part to this but if so, I would definitly buy it!

Allegiant by Veronica Roth  is the third and final part of the Divergent series. After I read the first book( which is my fabourite out of all three), I read the second and third book within a few days. Divergent is probably one of my favourite books and it is worth a read. Allegiant on the other hand wasn't that great. Coming from Divergent you expect great things form this book and I was a little disappointed and reafused to read the ending for  a few weeks because I couldn't believe that it was ending that way. All in all I liked this book but it isn't my favourite from this trilogy.

What are your last reads and did you like them? Have you read any of my recent reads? let me know!


Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2014

Outfit of the day #3

Hey Guys!
I'm so sorry for not posting that often, but we have a lot to do for school at the moment.
But today, I thought I would show you my outfit of the day. It's the third time we are doing this on our blog and I would like to know if you want to see more of them? We could do them regulary? Tell us what you think about that in the comments.

So, here is my outfit :

Crop Top: American Apperal
High waisted shorts : American Apperal
White knitted cardigan : Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Nike roshe run (bought them at Office London)
Necklace: Brandy Melville
Sunglasses: Fleamarket
Bag: Asos

Thats all I got for you today. I hope it gave you some inspiration and you enjoyed reading.
Have a nice day, and don't forget to tell us in the comments what you think about our ootd's!

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

My Workout Motivation/ Tips

Top(local boutique); pants(Lulu Lemon); Sports Bra (Nike)

I envy people that wake up in the morning and feel like working out. Spending my time in my bed cuddled up with a nice tea and a good book sounds like a lot more fun to me. 
The terrible thing about it is that I enjoy working out. I like doing workout while I am at it, I love running when I am out and about but I can't get myself to put on my workout clothes and actually go for a run or do some blogilates videos. Last week I was really bad with working out. I didn't do anything and that was because I wasn't home at all. Well barely. I had a lot to do but I am not here to find excuses for not working out. I am about to tell you what I do on a daily/weekly basis.

Is kind of like a rest day for me. I have a long day and I could just start exercising at about half six and that's too late for my taste. 

That's probably my most active day. I have PE in school and I go to school by bike so that's like a two hour workout together.
If I have the time I will go for a run in the afternoon. If not I like to do some workouts targeting a special region (butt mostly because I don't have one).

School takes up most of my time on this day but I can sneak in a quick run between school and choir. I usually go for a run with my best friend, who lives next doors which is convenient. We go for about 8km (5 miles).

Another long school day and ballet practise afterwards. That's pretty much my day. I am not very good at ballet as I just started last year but it's a lot of fun and I enjoy it. I am not in it to become a professional dancer or do competitive things. Not at all. I am in for the fun.

On Friday I play Tennis. I've been playing tennis for a bout 4-5 years (not quite sure).

I try to do another blogilates video on saturday but mostly I just can't find the time and I end up doing stuff with my friends. 

Going for a run on sundays is probably my favourite thing ever. The feeling you get after a run and a long shower and some pampering afterwards is just the best.


1. Get a workout buddy. If my best friend wasn't running with me, I would not even get up to do it. She is my motivation to actually get up and go.

2. Drink lots and give yourself some rest. I had times where I thought working out every day would just make me tones and perfect and give me a great feeling. It didn't. I was constantly exhausted and tired and didn't enjoy my life very much. Now I have my 'break' days and I feel a lot better. 

3. Mind over matter. You can do it. You can push yourself. Do it and you will feel better. I promise.

What is your favourite way to exercise? Do you have any tips to overcome that lazyness? 

Have a great day. xx

And a little disclaimer in the end. I am in no way an expert. I am just sharing my thoughts and tips and it may not work for you but it did for me so I thougt it was a good idea to share that.

Montag, 12. Mai 2014

Travel Bag Essentials

Hey Guys!
Because I went on a little trip last weekend, I thought I'd show you what I like to keep in my bag, when I travel. Don't expect too much, because I don't put much stuff in it because I hate it when I have to carry a heavy handbag. But I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

 The bag that I always take with me is from Zara and I think it's called something like "Zara office city" bag but I'm not sure.
The first thing I always keep in my bag is my phone and some headphones,
in case I want to listen to music or an audiobook. But I also always keep a real book with me. This time it was Divergent by Veronica Roth, and I know, I'm possibly the last person on this planet who reads this book, but better late than never.

 I also take along some tissues, a bottle of water, a deodorant, some chewing gum, a little makeup back (I'll show you what's in there later), a snack (I normally like to take nuts, but in this case I had rice cakes with me), some cotton rounds, and my bioderma face tonic/ make-up remover or how ever you want to call it. Normally I fill it in a smaller bottle, but I can't find that at the moment so I have to show you the big one.
And in case it gets cold, I always have a light sweatshirt with me. If your wondering, the light blue sweater with the roseprint on the picture is from Wildfox. My camera is normally in my bag too, but I took the photos with it.

Now to my litte make-up bag. In there, I keep a hand sanitizer (this one is from bath and body works in "island margarita"), a lipbalm (mine is the labello/ nivea lip butter in macadamia), a mascara (maybelline, the colossal volum' express in 100% black), a matte powder (rimmel stay matte) and a powder brush (real techniques), a blush (NYX, natural), a bodybutter that I can also use for my hands (sope&glory, the righteous butter), a BB-cream in case I have to look presentable (at the moment I'm testing the Garnier one) and a little perfume (this one is from Biotherm and is called "eau de paradis", which has a nice, light and fresh scent).

So, that were all of my travel essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading and tell us your travel essentials in the comments. I hope you all have a nice day. xx

Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Birthday Wishlist

I am turning 17 in a little less then two weeks and I thought that it would be interesting for you to see what I want for my birthday as I am always struggeling to actually come up with stuff that I could wish for.
This is a very random selection of stuff and I will update you with what I got if you are interested. Please let me know and I will do a birthday "haul".

Let's start of with the, for some boring, but for me most exciting things. Books. I am a huge bookworm and I read a lot. And by a lot I mean way too much and way too fast. You can give me a book with 700 pages and I will be done with it in the evening if I want to. So I have to stock up from time to time.

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult is on the top of my wishlist. I started reading it a little in a bookshop today and I completly fell in love. It was recommended to me by a woman standing next to me that saw that I was eyeing the John Green books to see if there was anything I hadn't read yet (there wasn't). She told me that if I liked John Green I would love Jodi Picoult and so I started reading the beginning of two books.
The Storyteller is another book by Jodi Picoult that also sound really interesting and I will give it a try but I want to read Lone Wolf first.

The girl who saved the king of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson is another book that caught my I first of all because of the amazing cover that attracted me and because of the title because it is rather odd. I don't know if you have heard of Jonasson but he also wrote the book the 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and went missing. I haven't read that book but my mother told me that it was a little weird but kind of good. The story of this book is interesting and I want to get into it.

Well there you have my few book choices. Three isn't a lot but maybe my family will come up with some other ideas.
(I was going to wish for Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn but then I realized that we already own that book and I will start reading it now.)

There are also a few beauty products that I am very interested in but I wouldn't buy them myself because they are a bit more on the expensive side.

The first one is the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. I have heard great things about it and I would love to try it myself but the price is a little over 20€ and that is kind of a lot.

Another thing that I would love to try is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer because I heard a lot of good things about it but it is very expensive.

Because Estée (Essiebutton) always raves about the Honey Bronzer from Body Shop I want to try it myself but I am too lazy to buy it myself as I already own two amazing bronzers.

I also would like to try the Body Shop Peach sented stuff because it smells great but I don't want to buy it for  myself because stuff like that is always more like a gift kind of thing.

The final beauty thing I am wishing for is the MAC Minerelized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle. I am not a huge highlighter and I don't own any highlighter or blush, as I blush a lot naturally so I really don't need anything to enhance that. But I have heard such great things about this Highlighter that I have to give it a try.

Well this got longer than I expected it to be. If you want to hear a review to any of those products(If I should get them) please let me know. I would also love to do like little reading posts where I update you on what I am currently reading, what I am going to read and what I read and what I thought about it.
Have a lovely day. xx


Montag, 28. April 2014

OOTD (Black&White)

It has been quit warm outside recently and I really enjoyed the sun and the warmer weather. As I went out friday evening I dressed up a little and  now I want to share that outfit with you. I know that it is very black and white and that I have to dress a little more colourful in spring but  I promise I wear bright clothes too!

Crop Top- American Apparel
Jeans Flannel- H&M
Pants- UO
Nailpolish- Tahiti Sunset- Sally Hansen

I wasn't sure which shoes I should wear so they aren't in this post but later on i decided to just go with my black Keds because it was too cold for sandals. 

Have a great rest monday. x

Montag, 21. April 2014

What's in my bag

Hello everyone,

Looking into other people's bags is normally not really accaeptable but that's what 'what's in my bag' posts are for. I personally love those because I am always interested in what people carry around with them. So here are some pictures of what I carry around with me all the time.

I use a black Longchamp bag in the biggest size. I am very pleased with how much fits in there as I also use it for school and all my stuff fits in there. 

My purse is from Liebeskind. I got it for christmas and I am deeply in love because it fits everything it needs to and it is just so pretty. 

The next few things are just a little random but deodorant, tishues, headphones, keys and an umbrella are just some necessities I always have with me. 

Since I have been a little sick last week and I had a sore throat I had some pills against that with me ( they actually taste not that bad).
Lastly I have my make-up bag and a little emergency kit (plasters ect.) and my phone with me.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my bag. Do you have any further requests?
I hope you are having a great day! 

Samstag, 19. April 2014

Fashion Haul

Hey Guys!
I was in Berlin last week and of course, I had to go shopping. So I thought I would show you what I've got. I'll also include some of the stuff I got online recently.

 Black Demin Jacket - Pull and Bear
Black Backpack - H&M
Sunglasses - Flea market

 striped cropped T-shirt - Brandy Melville
aztec printed Shirt - Topshop
grey muscle tee - Brandy Melville

 white dress - Minkpink (over UO)
 flowerprinted, lace Kimono - Pins and Needles (over UO)
 Earrings - Forever 21 (obviously)
necklace - Topshop
 both necklaces - Brandy Melville

 Bralette - Brandy Melville
cropped, printed T-Shirt - Forever 21
white, cropped Pullover - Pull and Bear

cropped turtleneck shirt and blue printed top - ASOS
"Killin' it" tee and white crop top - Brandy Melville

I hope you guys found that helpful and you got some inspiration for your next shoppingtrip. Please tell me in the comments if you would like to see a lookbook or a outfit of the day with those clothes. 
Have a nice weekend, and if you celebrate easter, happy easter! 
Lots of love

Spring Face Of The Day (FOTD) Inspiration

Hello everyone.
I know. We aren't very frequent with our posts but we have a lot to do!
But today I found some time to finally take some pictures of stuff I wanted to write about and that all of you are hopefully interested in.
So this is the first 'proper' blogpost because I am going to include some of the pictures that I took earlier today.
And since spring is finally here and you maybe have something to celebrate on sunday(easter). I thouhgt I would post a little face of the day to maybe inspire some of you to put some colour in you makeup.
This isn't the most fancy makeup but I thought it would be nice to add a pop of colour on the lower lashes and make it a little more 'springy'. It's very simple to do and I bet you that you can do it as well.
here are the products I used:

Mac StudioFix Concealer in NW20 as my base. I don't use foundation or BB cream because I am too lazy.
L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim as my eyeliner. Apply a thin line and wing it out a bit.

A blue/green liner from anywhere. I can't read the label on mine anymore so you have to find one yourself. I am sorry. Just apply that to your lower lashline and smudge it out a bit. That is the pop of colour I was talking about. I especially like this coulour because it matches my eyes a bit.

And because this is spring inspired I just added a nude/rosé lipstick Dior Rouge Dior in 363 Corolle Pink.

This is a very simple makeup look and I don't think that there is a tutorial needed because it is just that easy. This is just an inspiration that might help you.

Happy Easter everyone! ♥


Samstag, 5. April 2014

March Favourites (Music, Book, Movie)

Hello everyone.
I am sorry for not posting very consistantly over the last week.
 I do not have a lot of time with school and all my other activities. But here I am creating another blogpost for you.
I went shopping today and bought a lot of stuff. But mostly workout related. Is anyone interested in me creating a blogpost about that kind of stuff?
But now since march is over I thought I would post a march favourite kind of thing. But not product related because I didn't try anything new in march. Just my same old stuff.
My make-up routine doesn't change at all (but I am not using very much. so that may be the reason why).
So here we go with my favourite songs of march (Workout and just what I liked to listen to), my favourite book and movie.

I started to go running a lot more in march since the weather got a lot better and you could go outside without a fleece and still freezing. Most of the time I like to run without music because I like to listen to stuff that is happening around me. That's alot more relaxing. Espessially when you are running in fields or the forest, which is my usual route. But sometimes I need something to listen to to get more motivated.

Best day of  my life- American Authors

Safe and Sound- Capital Cities

Get Lucky- Daft Punk

On top of the world- Imagine Dragons

Burn- Ellie Goulding


Pompeii- Bastille

Those are probably like my favourite songs right now to workout to. It's funny that my music taste is actually a lot different but I can't workout to song that don't have a good and strong beat. That just doesn't work out.
So here are my random music favourites of the month:

Walk- Foo fighters

 Midnight City- M83

 little talks- Of monsters and men

Treasure- Bruno Mars

The Cave- Mumford & Sons

Mountain Sound- Of monsters and men

School was really stressing me out in march so I needed a few good books to keep me distracted when I just couldn't take it anymore. I did not buy any new books in march but I re-read some old favourites. If you read any of them, please tell me what you thought!
And also tell me if you want a review on any of them.

 Paper Towns- John Green ( I like this book a lot. It is my favourite from John Green)

The Fault in our Stars- John Green

The Bone Season- Samantha Shannon

Harry Potter and Divergent and the Hunger Games were also on my list. But I don't count them because I read them all the time.

 My favourite movie of the month is an old classic. Maybe some of you have watched it. If you haven't yet, do it! I love it!

Star Wars IV

It's great and old-school. If you like Science-fiction and stuff like that you will love that movie!

Well that's everything! let me know if you have any requests for me to do anything I would love to fullfill your requests.

Have a great weekend. xxx


Samstag, 29. März 2014

50 Random Facts about us

Hello everyone.
As this is our first post we thought that it would be a good idea if you got to know us a little bit better.
So here are 50 random facts about us:

1. I have two rabbits.
2. I have no siblings.
3. I'm afraid of hights and spiders.
4. I am 5'5" (165cm)
5. London is my dream city to live in.
6. There's nothing better than old fashioned music like Elton John. Rolling Stones...
7. Waking up in the morning is my least favourite thing to do.
8. I am most creative at night. So you could say: I'm a night owl.
9. One of the walls in my room is pink.  The rest is white.
10. I cannot twirl my toungue.
11. I hate olives.
12. I always laugh at my own jokes. (even though sometimes I am the only one laughing. )
13. I am a leftie but I write with my right hand.
14. I can't burp.
15. I am addicted to Milky Way Cripsy Rolls.
16. My right foot cracks when I walk up and down the stairs.
17. I can make up conspiracy theories out of everything.
18. I'm a cat person.
19. I start to play with my hair when I am nervous or thinking.
20. I am a big  fan of the marvel movies. (I own three marvel shirts)
21. I  cannot speak to strangers very well.
22. I think faster than I write/type/speak. So sometimes everything just gets really messy.
23. When I am hungry I get very tired and angry. So better bring me food fast.
24. TV shows are better than movies.
25. I can sleep a lot better when there is noice around me.

1. I have two younger brothers.
2. My nails are always without nailpolish. I do not like to paint them.
3. I always lose my left sock when I sleep.
4. I used to be able to do the splits. But i stopped strechting regularly so now I am no longer able to    do that.
5. My laugh is very obnoxious and loud. And I like to laugh a lot.
6. My hands are always cold.
7. Anything that has mayo or ketchup on it is disgusting to me.
8.  I want to study medicine when I am done with school.
9. My hair grows really fast.
10. I have the smallest hands you will ever see. They are tiny.
11. I love olives
12. The prettiest city I have ever been to is Rome.
13. I love watching Pretty Little Liars, Revenge and Blacklist.
14. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure. Especially chocolate cookies.
15. I have been playing tennis for almost 5 years.
16. I am allergic to deodorant in spray form.
17. I used to bite my nails but I recently stopped and I am very proud of myself.
18. Math and Biology are my favourite subjects and I can't stand art.
19. I am always singing. You will never catch me not having a song stuck in my head.
20. The worst thing anyone can do is to forget the 's' in the third person. But my brother always do that.
22. Every family member calls me Hanni, which sounds like honey.
23. I love learning but I hate studying.
24. I can sleep everywhere. Give me two minutes and I am passed out.
25. I am very shy but when you get to know me I am a ball of energy.

Here you go. We hope you learned a little bit more about us. Please let us know what types of blog posts you want to see/read from us. If you want to leave us one weird fact about yourself in the comments.

Have a great day!