Samstag, 29. März 2014

50 Random Facts about us

Hello everyone.
As this is our first post we thought that it would be a good idea if you got to know us a little bit better.
So here are 50 random facts about us:

1. I have two rabbits.
2. I have no siblings.
3. I'm afraid of hights and spiders.
4. I am 5'5" (165cm)
5. London is my dream city to live in.
6. There's nothing better than old fashioned music like Elton John. Rolling Stones...
7. Waking up in the morning is my least favourite thing to do.
8. I am most creative at night. So you could say: I'm a night owl.
9. One of the walls in my room is pink.  The rest is white.
10. I cannot twirl my toungue.
11. I hate olives.
12. I always laugh at my own jokes. (even though sometimes I am the only one laughing. )
13. I am a leftie but I write with my right hand.
14. I can't burp.
15. I am addicted to Milky Way Cripsy Rolls.
16. My right foot cracks when I walk up and down the stairs.
17. I can make up conspiracy theories out of everything.
18. I'm a cat person.
19. I start to play with my hair when I am nervous or thinking.
20. I am a big  fan of the marvel movies. (I own three marvel shirts)
21. I  cannot speak to strangers very well.
22. I think faster than I write/type/speak. So sometimes everything just gets really messy.
23. When I am hungry I get very tired and angry. So better bring me food fast.
24. TV shows are better than movies.
25. I can sleep a lot better when there is noice around me.

1. I have two younger brothers.
2. My nails are always without nailpolish. I do not like to paint them.
3. I always lose my left sock when I sleep.
4. I used to be able to do the splits. But i stopped strechting regularly so now I am no longer able to    do that.
5. My laugh is very obnoxious and loud. And I like to laugh a lot.
6. My hands are always cold.
7. Anything that has mayo or ketchup on it is disgusting to me.
8.  I want to study medicine when I am done with school.
9. My hair grows really fast.
10. I have the smallest hands you will ever see. They are tiny.
11. I love olives
12. The prettiest city I have ever been to is Rome.
13. I love watching Pretty Little Liars, Revenge and Blacklist.
14. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure. Especially chocolate cookies.
15. I have been playing tennis for almost 5 years.
16. I am allergic to deodorant in spray form.
17. I used to bite my nails but I recently stopped and I am very proud of myself.
18. Math and Biology are my favourite subjects and I can't stand art.
19. I am always singing. You will never catch me not having a song stuck in my head.
20. The worst thing anyone can do is to forget the 's' in the third person. But my brother always do that.
22. Every family member calls me Hanni, which sounds like honey.
23. I love learning but I hate studying.
24. I can sleep everywhere. Give me two minutes and I am passed out.
25. I am very shy but when you get to know me I am a ball of energy.

Here you go. We hope you learned a little bit more about us. Please let us know what types of blog posts you want to see/read from us. If you want to leave us one weird fact about yourself in the comments.

Have a great day!

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