Montag, 28. April 2014

OOTD (Black&White)

It has been quit warm outside recently and I really enjoyed the sun and the warmer weather. As I went out friday evening I dressed up a little and  now I want to share that outfit with you. I know that it is very black and white and that I have to dress a little more colourful in spring but  I promise I wear bright clothes too!

Crop Top- American Apparel
Jeans Flannel- H&M
Pants- UO
Nailpolish- Tahiti Sunset- Sally Hansen

I wasn't sure which shoes I should wear so they aren't in this post but later on i decided to just go with my black Keds because it was too cold for sandals. 

Have a great rest monday. x


  1. So nice when the weather gets warmer - I just hope it will be sandal-friendly soon, too. :)

    1. That will still take some time where I live but I am excited for it! :)