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My Workout Motivation/ Tips

Top(local boutique); pants(Lulu Lemon); Sports Bra (Nike)

I envy people that wake up in the morning and feel like working out. Spending my time in my bed cuddled up with a nice tea and a good book sounds like a lot more fun to me. 
The terrible thing about it is that I enjoy working out. I like doing workout while I am at it, I love running when I am out and about but I can't get myself to put on my workout clothes and actually go for a run or do some blogilates videos. Last week I was really bad with working out. I didn't do anything and that was because I wasn't home at all. Well barely. I had a lot to do but I am not here to find excuses for not working out. I am about to tell you what I do on a daily/weekly basis.

Is kind of like a rest day for me. I have a long day and I could just start exercising at about half six and that's too late for my taste. 

That's probably my most active day. I have PE in school and I go to school by bike so that's like a two hour workout together.
If I have the time I will go for a run in the afternoon. If not I like to do some workouts targeting a special region (butt mostly because I don't have one).

School takes up most of my time on this day but I can sneak in a quick run between school and choir. I usually go for a run with my best friend, who lives next doors which is convenient. We go for about 8km (5 miles).

Another long school day and ballet practise afterwards. That's pretty much my day. I am not very good at ballet as I just started last year but it's a lot of fun and I enjoy it. I am not in it to become a professional dancer or do competitive things. Not at all. I am in for the fun.

On Friday I play Tennis. I've been playing tennis for a bout 4-5 years (not quite sure).

I try to do another blogilates video on saturday but mostly I just can't find the time and I end up doing stuff with my friends. 

Going for a run on sundays is probably my favourite thing ever. The feeling you get after a run and a long shower and some pampering afterwards is just the best.


1. Get a workout buddy. If my best friend wasn't running with me, I would not even get up to do it. She is my motivation to actually get up and go.

2. Drink lots and give yourself some rest. I had times where I thought working out every day would just make me tones and perfect and give me a great feeling. It didn't. I was constantly exhausted and tired and didn't enjoy my life very much. Now I have my 'break' days and I feel a lot better. 

3. Mind over matter. You can do it. You can push yourself. Do it and you will feel better. I promise.

What is your favourite way to exercise? Do you have any tips to overcome that lazyness? 

Have a great day. xx

And a little disclaimer in the end. I am in no way an expert. I am just sharing my thoughts and tips and it may not work for you but it did for me so I thougt it was a good idea to share that.

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